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Pin Dick Stroker

Look at this tiny sack of nothing! I wouldn’t ever fuck this cock let alone put it in my perfect mouth! Ew what a little pin dick! No wonder he’s always jerking his little cock off to our videos. He can’t help it! No sex for this little thing, right ladies?

Name: PinDickStroker
Measures: 2.406
Blowjob? yes, but its been over 10 years since i received one. I was actually told once after some laughing that “its not worth the trouble” because i’m so small.
Sex? its been over 4 years since a Female allowed me and I have been so humiliated over the years when they see my tiny dick, that I have accepted that its just not going to happen again.

pin dick

pin dick



Check the stats on this loooozer, girls! He can only get sex from a hooker! The only girl he ever had sex with never called him back afterwards. I wonder why. Actually I don’t. Did you see his dick? HA! Put that thing away!

Name: littledave
Measures: 2.752″ soft, 4.675″ hard
Blowjob: lots, all paid for.
Sex: Lots paid for. Only once that I didn’t pay for, she didn’t return my calls afterwards.


slut ben

A virgin loser! That’s right girls! This loser has never had sex ever. Are we going to do something about that? Well make fun of him of course! LOL!

name: slutben
size: 5.5 hard
blowjob: no
sex: no

Go ahead! Laugh!!


Tiny Little

See this loser boy with the tiny little dick? This is the sort of ‘cute lil thing’ I am making fun of when you see me getting rammed with a huge stud cock! That’s right! You TINY LITTLE! LOL!

Name: Tiny Little
Measures: 1.8 soft 3.3 hard (on my best day)
Blowjob? Twice, lasting about 7 seconds each and ending with the girl laughing both times.
Sex? A few times, never lasting more then a couple minutes. I hear “are you in yet?” a lot.


Teenie Weenie

OMG this loser couldn’t pay me enough to even LOOK at his tiny teenie weenie dick! I’ve never seen something so little and pathetic. I know you are still a virgin loser! You know it teenieweenie! Virgin teenieweenie! LOL!


Pencil Dick John S.

NAME: John S.
BLOWJOB: Numerous times.
SEX: Numerous times.
This loser pencil dick belongs to John S. Supposedly his pencil weenie is over 7 inches hard but I doubt that! Sex and blowjobs for loser John S? We brats doubt that too!!!! Loooozer!


short dick man

Name Short Dick Man
Measures 1.5 inches soft 5.25 fully hard
Blowjob Often at least 4 times per week but I pay for it
Sex Yes
Pictures of shortdickman for all to see! HAHA what a tiny dick loser! No woman would ever let you live out your fantasies with that little dick!


Hall of Shame

Welcome to the Hall of Shame losers!! The place where we expose all of your pathetic inadequacies! The place we expose you for the loser you are! The place you get humiliated and ruined when we post those pictures you never wanted anyone to see and you can’t believe you took them for us! The place where we blackmail you into doing things you never thought you would!

You know the brat girls from Humiliation POV! Now we will be humiliating your sorry loser ass for the whole world to see! Every person with an internet connection can look at the website!

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