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Sissy Loser Heino

What a sissy bitch in his girly clothes fucking himself in the ass! He loves to take it like a whore. Look at how he shoves that huge cock down his throat! That blowup doll is the only sex you will ever have sissy bitch!

Name: Sissy Loser Heino
Measures: 5.702″(hard); 3.920″ (soft)
Blowjob? Only by a rubber blow-up girl
Sex? Regulary, fucking my rubber blow-up girl.



Sissy Lucy

This sissy bitch is posing like such a whore! What a loser with the full backed panties on and whore stockings for everyone to drool over! Come on! Jerk off on him now!

Name: Sissy Lucy
Measures: 5.5 inches
Blowjob? Four times, all paid for
Sex? Twice, both paid for.

Sissy Lucy


Nicole Cockwhore

Look at this dumbass sissy girly outfit wearing loser! Listen to what this bitch had to say:

My cock is 2 inches soft and around 6 1/2inches hard. I love humiliation POV and all of the gorgeous girls. Thank you for all that you do Miss Vittoria.

Keep the good stuff coming sissy bitch! How about you tribute the Goddesses more than you already have?



Pathetic Scott

OK now this is just the ultimate pathetic! he has to have sex with a blow up doll otherwise he’d get no sex for years! what a dumbass! you wont be getting anywhere near my pussy you blow up doll fucker! you get blowjobs from a blowup doll! Read what this bitch wrote in the email to us about the last time he got a blowjob!

Name: Scott
Dick Measures: 3.1 inches soft.
5.5 inches hard.
Scott says: i’ve attached a picture of the only blowjob i’ve had in 5 years and the only sex i’ve had in the last year.

blowjob blow up doll
blow up doll
fucked ass
fucked ass 2
fucked ass 3
pantyboy 2
blow up doll sex
sissy toenails


Sissy Pussy Max

Look at what this sissy pussy max does to himself! What a bitch, right girls? LOL! This bitch writes that he has lots of videos of himself getting banged by big cock anal toys. such a whore! and get this girls… his girlfriend has dates! You know what that means! We have a super tiny dick loser here! LOL!

Name: Max
Dick Measures: almost 5 inches when it gets really hard
Blowjob ever: I’ve given my girlfriend’s dates blowjobs twice
Sex ever: my girlfriend likes to tie me down and fuck my ass with a big strapon

sissy pussy


Pin Dick Stroker Expert Jerkoff Boy

Pin Dick Stroker doing what he does best! Look at the way he worships me!

pin dick stroking


Byron aka lildicksissy

Look at this pathetic wimpy sissy!! This panty wearing sissy slut could never get a girl! You belong here in the Hall of Shame for losers Byron Paul! I believe more of your videos will be coming to the Hall of Shame because you keep cranking out the loser materials! We girls got a kick out of this survey in your intro video and it confirmed you are such a huge loser! LOL!

Name: Byron (aka lildicksissy)
Measures: hard: 3.62 inches soft: can’t really find it to measure
Blowjob? never. i’ve even bought a battery operate blow-job simulator device, but was too small to even reach the part that simulated the bj, so i’ve been rejected by a toy too
Sex? its been 5 years since i’ve had sex

3 inch penis

little dick

sissy in dress


Sissy Jennie

Wow look at this slut all dolled up like she’s going to get fucked tonight! Maybe a gangbang for her slutty ass! What a sissy bitch! Yes all of us girls spent our precious time laughing at this loser all dressed up in her slutty neglige!

Let’s hear some comments from the real men here! What do you think of this sissy slut?

Name: Sissy Slut Jennie
Measure: 4.921 hard, 3.046 soft.
Sex? No, I’m a virgin. I wouldn’t know what to do anyway.
Blow Job? Never, no girl has ever touched me and I’ve never touched a girl. Girls don’t let losers like me that close.




No wonder this guy’s name is john! He’s just another dork trick! Oh loser. I only want your money and besides that you can go jerk off to some hooker! LOL!

Name: John
Size: 4.234 hard 3.457 soft
Blowjob? Yes. Not in a long time.
Sex? Yes.


shit slave

Look at this loser. He would do anything for me and I like to take advantage of that. I made him jerk his pathetic cock off onto a spoon and eat it and he actually sent me pics of this AND a VIDEO! What a complete pathetic LOSER!!

Name: Shit Slave
Measure : Hard 4.00 Soft 1.5
Blowjobs : Never
Sex : Never ( Still 28 years old virgin )

cum eating loser video

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