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small penis boy

Look at this! Loser wrote me a poem in addition to the pathetic pictures he sent me. LOL! Recite this out loud.

One is of my mouth, awaiting a cock of your choosing.
One is of some cum dribble, which I quickly licked up.
And finally two, showing my little willy, one compared with a cigarett

cock sucker
cum dribble
small penis


frog boy

I don’t even have to say anything about this one! LOL!


stevie and his teeny weeny willy

Look at stevie’s teeny weeny willy! Do you think this bitch looks fuckable bound up in nylon? LOL! stevie has a secret about his dick and if he’s bad i might just post it here for everyone to see! keep sending along those pics teeny weeny willy!
teeny weeny willy


official small penis for daniel

It’s official everyone! Daniel has a tiny tiny tiny penis!!! LOL! he is totally my bitch.
official small penis daniel


all this gay thinking made my dick shrinking

This fag sissy cock sucker actually made this picture himself and sent it to me to show me how gay he really is! I have turned him into a true cock sucker who simply dreams about slurping cum all day from a purple headed cairo! soon i will move him from gay fantasy into gay reality. He’ll be sucking cock in no time!
all this gay thinking made my dick shrinking


little sissy dick

this little sissy dick loser has it right. you need to know what you are working with when it comes to dick. get a small penis ruler that can show you what’s what when it comes to dicks girls actually want to fuck!
little sissy dicklette


Happy Valentine’s Day LOSER

happy valentines day loserWe know you will spend it home alone being pathetic and jerking off! Why don’t you take some pictures of your loser wanking Valentine’s day and post them here! Show off the way you stroke your loser dick with vaseline while watching porn when most real man are out getting V day laid!

Dress yourself up like a sissy whore and take humiliating pictures of yourself to show to the Goddesses and make us laugh!

Have a fun lonely wanking loser Valentine’s day!



sissy dick

look at this loser! his dick is so small it looks just about the size of the sissy ribbon tied around it to make it look pretty! this is as manly as this loser’s dick gets! LOL!

sissy dick

sissy dick


forced to chew cum gum

Here is the latest news from the black jism cum dumpster with the best ex girl in the world. She knows exactly what a loser bitch like this needs. he is nothing but a black cock slurping whore and she knows how to remind him of that!

cum gum

cum gum

This is what he says about the cum cleaning job he now has:

Please shows us more, with Housewife Kelly fucking a stud and then showing us her creampie. Laughing It will show other members on the site what i must eat & digest just to keep watching this videos!! This site means so much to me as it is now my only release allowed. Even this comes with requirements in that i am required to wear a condom condom 2 to prevent my worthless seed sperm from soiling my Ex’s furniture or carpet. She then requires me to peel off the condom, and pop it in my mouth just like a piece of gum! She calls it my squirt gum taking the name from the kind of gum that used to be popular (cum flavor sucks)!!

i have begun to wonder what all this extra protein that i am forced to ingest will do to me?? Does it give me energy, or somehow destroy what little may remain of my manhood??

i hope not to suffer from a cum overdose!!

sincerely pencil dick black cum dumpster


Humiliated at Whore House

This loser took my advice to go to his local “massage parlor” and ask for the woman to give him total humiliation instead of a happy ending. I told him to ask her to fuck his ass with a vibrator and he actually did it! What an anal whore! He even sent pics. Read his story and laugh ladies!

anal whore
anal whore

Dear Miss Vittoria,

Today after lunch, i decided to visit my local massage parlour again, and take your advice.

I arrived, and the girls came out one by one, as the receptionist on the front desk called them. They introduced themselves, then went back into their waiting room. There were only two girls working today, and the receptionist first asked me which girl i wanted. I selected the first girl, and the receptionist asked me which massage i wanted. They have a small massge menu on the counter.

Normally, at this point, i would ask for the ‘tantra’, but today i asked for ‘double pleasure’. i could feel myself getting embaressed as i asked for it. The girl i had selected shouted ou from the waiting room that she ‘hadn’t done a double pleasure massge before’.. meaning, she didn’t want to.. I started to get really nurvious, i had made a plan, and wanted to follow it through, but it was starting to look like i would fail before i had even started.

Fortunatly, the second girl said yes, she would give me the ‘double pleasure’ massage, so off we went to one of the rooms. It was one of the rooms i had been in before, mirrors on the ceiling and walls, a double bed filling up the majority of the floor space, and a shower unit in the corner. I stripped down and took a shower, while the girl laid down towels, got the oil ready, etc..

The first half hour was nice and relaxed, she massaged my back while i lay face down on the bed, and we chatted. she seemed like a very nice girl, and she was very good with her hands.

Then, indicating that the massage was now going to become sexual, she asked me if i wanted her to use a small or a large vibrator. she had one of each with her. I told her i had bought my own, and i would like her to use that one on me. I retrieved it from my pocket, and loaded it with fresh battaries i had bought especially, and handed it to her, and lay back down on the bed. she proceded to pull a condom over it, and i realized this was the moment, when i should put my plan into operation.

And so i told her, i told her everything. That i like dominant femails. that i like being verbally abused. I told her about your website, and that i had made other photos of myself, where i performed for you, and as i told her, i became so excited, so nervious, my voice was starting to shake, i felt light headed, i had butterflies in my stomach, it felt wonderful! I had told my secret, that i have never told anyone else, to a complete stranger, as i lay there naked.

And i asked her to take some photos of me, while she fucked me in the ass with the vibrartor, and she smiled, and said she would be happy to. So i got on my knees, doggy style, and with my vibrator gently humming, she proceeded to lightly fuck me in the ass, and it felt so good, so very very good, having someone else use the vibrartor on me was just wonderful…

and then i rolled onto my back, and started wanking furiously, while this lovely women kept fucking me in the ass..and she was watching me, and it felt so god damm good.. and i asked her to humiliate me, to talk dirty to me… and she said all the things that i love to hear… she told me to wank my cock for her, she told me i had the smallest little cock she had ever seen, she asked me if i was enjoying being fucked in the ass by the vibrator.. god, it was fantastic.. and then i came, pumping my cumm onto my cheast….It was fucking awsome!

i totaly recommend it to my fellow forum losers! Getting ass fucked was great, and the whole ‘telling my secret’ thing just made it so much more better! and making photos i could show you, everything combined to make it one of the best sexual experiances i have ever had. it really was that terrific. Ive already made my mind up, that i’ll be asking for this massage again next time i go. perhaps i’ll even try the large vibrator they have there next time!

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