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Look at this gross loser eating his own cum because I told him too!



carolina blue cum sucker

look at what this cum sucking slut had to do for his wonderful Mistress!! She really knows how to treat an inferior male.

Dear Mistress Vittoria,

my current Girlfriend?? did something really different last night. As You know March Madness has been going on, and we had been following the basketball games. She came over to my house last night Cloud 9 Gorgeous , and said we should bet on the game, but i had to take Michigan and she would take Carolina. i said OK, what choice did i have?? Confused

She said if Michigan won, i could have the privilege of fucking Her with my minature joy stick Looooooozer! small penis! Beg Cheerleader i was ecstatic!! Very Happy She said if Carolina won, i would receive some kind of punishment to be determined Confused i agreed since some of the experts were picking Michigan. Boy was i disappointed!! Crying or Very sad

She informed me that she had been invited to a game party, but i was not invited Sad . She ordered me not to jack off and left. Looooooozer! small penis! Crying or Very sad i watched the game, and Michigan never even lead at all (my luck Looooooozer! Looooooozer! ). The game ended and i fell asleep until i was awakened by her at about 3:30am. She said the party had been great and she had my surprise Confused . She pulled out a big test tube shaped container that was full of a thick Carolina blue liquid Confused

She informed me that she celebrated the victory by fucking two studs black dick hard after the game. She said she milked the cum Bow Down from Her Pussy into the tube after every time she got fucked, and she further said each stud fucked her twice Crying or Very sad . She said she added the food coloring so i could celebrate the victory too, and with that she made me drink the Carolina blue cum sperm Crying or Very sad Looooooozer! . She told me i was out of her life if i did not do it, so i quickly did it and it tasted awful!! Surprised Crying or Very sad Looooooozer! sperm Bukkake

i am glad there are no more playoffs anytime soon!!!!

Carolina Blue Cum Sucker


anal whore sissy heino

this bitch is such an anal prostitute we decided to make him the new hall of shame featured loser! check him out getting fucked in both his pussy holes like a bitch! he loves it in the ass.

anal whore

anal whore


adult baby

look at this pussy diaper wetting bitch!


sissy maid

look at what is happening to sissy maid deedee!!! we Goddesses talked and agree this is just where you belong.

i am in deep with my g/f. after the other night when she caught me naked in the front room in front of the computer and locked me out of the bedroom, my g/f has been acting particularly degrading towards me. we have not had sex since then though she has demanded me on 4 separate occasions to strip naked and eat her ass out while she vibrates herself to orgasm, while denying me. Twice i had to lick her ass while she was watching TV which was incredibly humiliating as she was mostly ignoring me.

anyways, the other night i told her that i thought i had earned my way to fuck her once again and she said that i was close but that the apartment needed cleaning. she said if i cleaned it then we could have sex and although it was decently messy, i agreed.she then said not so fast and told me i would have to strip to clean up. i did so which was ok because we were going to hook up after, but then she said oh one more thing… she then grabbed her pair of frilly french maid panties that are much too small for me but fit her fine and said that i had to wear those while i cleaned in front of her. she has made me dress before (and took some embarrassing pictures) in panties after i lost a poker game but this was even more humiliating.

i obliged and slipped on the panties much to her laughter and then worked diligently to clean the apt. she made me get her a drink as well and thoroughly enjoyed observing me clean while she relaxed. once i was done she told me to come over to her and we starting to kiss and then she made me worship her body with my mouth. i took off her pants and socks and she had me suck her toes and work my tongue up her long legs to her ass which she again had me worship deep. i have a keen taste for her ass now which i have developed over time and enjoy doing this, but would prefer to fuck her. she told me that i had to bring her to an orgasm like this which took some time and i did and then she said that she still was not interested in fucking me but i could jerk off on her ass under one condition…that i lick it all up after. i agreed as i did not want to question her and i slid down my maid panties to stroke my cock on her ass. i came very quickly and then obediently licked it all up.

i can only imagine what she will continue to have in store for me.

sissy deedee


2 ugly 2 fuck

this is the only way spineless wanker gets any play! when he’s dressed up like a girl with a paper bag over his head!

2 ugly 2 fuck


pantyboy penis comparison

pantyboy decided to find out if he really had a small penis so he held up a nice dildo against his dick and guess what? he is TINY! what a tiny dick loser pantyboy in his pink panties!

pantyboy penis comparison

pantyboy penis comparison


ruined orgasm at whore house

since this spineless wanker can’t get any real sex he has to pay for it at the massage parlor a lot. in his most recent whore extravaganza the woman he paid for sex ruined his orgasm! read all about this loser.

So, i went to visit my local massage parlour again today, i wasn’t planning on doing anything humiliating, or having another adventure i could report back to you about Miss, but thats not quite the way things worked out in the end..

.. so i was lying naked on this bed, in a darkened room, soft music playing gently in the background, all very relaxing , with a pretty naked lady giving me some hand relief…

and she was very very good at what she was doing, her hands were wanking and stroking me very gently, it was all perfectly luxiourious..

and i decided to tell her that ‘i’m into female domination’, and she raised her eyebrows, smiled, and said ‘we shall have to see if we can do something with that then’.. and carried out gentlly masturbating me..

and then i asked her if she would verbally humiliate me, but she declined to do so, so i left it at that, as a wise man does not argue with a women while she’s holding your balls ..

and the sensations and intensity increased, and felt wonderfull, and in a quiet voice i said ‘i’m cumming’..

at which point, she STOPPED.
she held my cock firmly at its base, and RUINED my orgasm.
the inital moment of orgasm was completely defused, and my cum weekly trickled out of the head of my penis
and only after my orgasm had completely passed my by, did she slowly start to wank my cock again

and … i was stunned!.. i was shellshocked.. i was completely speachless..

and finally, i weekly asked her .. ‘why did you do that? you ruined my orgasm’..

and she just looked at me, and smiled, and said ‘you said you liked dominant females’

and if i hadn’t have been lying down, my jaw would have hit the floor in amasement..

but that was it! my time was up, so i had to get up, take a quick shower to wash the oil off, and get dressed.

and .. humiliated isn’t a big enough word to describe how i felt .. how i feel, even now, 6 hours after the event as i’m writing it down for you Miss. I felt totally emasculated. she had stolen my orgasm away from me .. i still feel in a state of shock about this, and i still can’t decide if i liked and enjoyed it or not ..

while i was getting dressed, she then started to tell me, that before coming to work in the massage parlour, she used to work in a BDSM studio, and particuly enjoyed ball-busting, and also regailed me with a few stories of other men she had humiliated while working there..

i’m still in a state of shock over this.
your spineless wanker


cheap prostitute offers blowjobs

Look at this slut! who wants a quick bj from a cock sucking slut? LOL!


small penis boy’s measurements

here are some stats on small penis boy. he is such a cock sucking whore who can’t stop wanking off if he tried! i have to set a masturbation schedule for this loser otherwise he really might die from jerking off. LOL!

Size of my little stiffy : 4.49″
Blow Job : two or three times about twenty years ago from my now ex-wife before we got married.
Sex : Yes, a few times with my wife of twenty years. But only once in the last three years of our marriage, that i can remember. I paid for it once about three months ago, and the lady said that she couldn’t really feel me inside her.

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