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    Archive for the 'Tiny Dick Loser' Category


    loser boy 2000

    this is as big as this jerk off boy’s dick gets and he can only get it this hard when he sniffs dirty panties! what a slut! read his loser stats:

    Name: Loozerboy2000
    Measures: 5,6 Hard (At my best)
    Blowjob? Once
    Sex? Once, but i was to nervous to cum

    small penis


    spineless wanker

    spineless wanker is a hooker addicted loser and the only sex he gets is when he pays the massage parlor whores to let him jerk himself off in front of them! LOL! what a virgin loser!

    Name: Spineless Wanker
    Measures: 4 inches
    Blowjob? Never
    Sex? a couple of times, all paid for.
    penis measurement
    small penis


    cum dumpster

    This bitch has the best ex girlfriend in the world. She turned his sissy ass into a black cock cum dumpster! Look at these pictures! He is eating the hot sticky black cock creampie out of her pussy after she just got fucked raw! Lick it up sissy! There will be a LOT more big black cock cum cumming your way. LOL!
    black cock creampie
    black cock creampie
    black cock creampie


    money pig little willy

    I am starting the process of taking total control over sissy money pig little willy!!! He went bankrupt from spending all of his money on the Goddesses. Guess how much? He is $92,000 in the hole! LOL! What a loser. We have totally ruined him and now he is building back up his finances so he can turn it all over to his Princess Vittoria again!!!

    This bitch wrote me his life story and guess what else he is besides being a sissy money pay pig loser? He is a VIRGIN!!!

    little willy, I know you are reading this and my command for you is: STEP IT UP BITCH AND GIMME THAT CASH!


    Sissy Fag

    Look at this sissy fag bitch! He can’t stay out of his sister’s lingerie. He puts it on and then watches fag videos while he jerks his sissy cock! Don’t hide it anymore sissy. We know what a fag you are. Now the whole world knows too.
    sissy fag
    sissy fag


    Do I have a small penis?

    small penis humiliation
    Do you REALLY have a small penis? Find out what shane already knows. Submit your dick pic to the brats and let them decide.

    Once you receive an official small penis card you are required to keep it with you everywhere you go. If a girl talks to you the first thing you must do before you respond is take out your card and show it to her.
    Visit the submit page to see how to get your card!


    Tiny Tool Tim

    Look at this tiny dick bitch! The ladies call him TINY TOOL TIM! LOL! His dick is so tiny it has to be locked away in a chastity belt because if he jerks it too hard it might disappear all together. Look what he has to say about his little dick!

    I’m about 2.5” soft and 3.75” hard and a premature ejectulator of coarse

    tiny tool tim

    tiny tool tim

    tiny tool tim

    tiny tool tim


    Tiniest Penis In the World

    Tell this tiny penis loser how small he is! The whole world should know what a tiny dick loser you are. So pathetic. You will never get any sex with that small dick and every girl knows it now! Check it out ladies! LOL!

    Tiniest penis in the world


    premature ejaculator

    Meet Michael. Here are his pathetic stats but what really makes me giggle is that he jerks off when his roommate has sex with a girl! LOL! What a loser! Dork!

    Name : Michael
    size : 5 inches
    Blowjob : Yes
    Sex : Yes

    In his own words he is a loser because:

    1 – Because i have a small penis
    2 – Because i masturbate when i hear my roommate fuck with hot girl like you
    3 – Because i spend too much time on website like this
    4 – Because i spend all my free time masturbating
    5 – Because i’m a premature ejaculator, i can’t get a girl.
    6 – Because i’m me…

    And look at his small penis! Loser!

    premature ejaculator


    tiny dick pantyboy

    Tiny dick pantyboy can’t even get a hardon! He said he will have to email the next time he gets one and it probably won’t be for a while. What a pathetic loser! Probably a virgin too! No wait he likes to suck the cock. You’ll see that next.

    Here are his stats.

    dick size
    1.503 soft
    3.850 hard
    Sex, yes, but it only ever satisfied me i think unless she had just come out of womans prison after a 10 year sentence.
    Blow Job, yes i have given quite a few.

    Pathetic aren’t they! LOL!

    tiny dick pantyboy

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